Ben Greeven

HR Tech worshipper, Career Owner, Start Upper

Ben Greeven  – an entrepreneur, founder, leader , mentor, advisor, coach, consultant, a successful Career Owner and… Start Upper.

With more than 35 years of frequently challenging, usually dynamic and often disruptive professional career, home and abroad, no matter at which position or company, Ben has been facing the various  issues of PEOPLE – the core / bottom line of each and every business.
Throughout his career his continued focus has been Human Resources, since 2006, increasingly supported by Tech and recently powered with AI solutions. Through his professional activities and commitments, Ben passionately  shares his deepest belief that wisely integrated HR technology frees up time for HR partners and provides advanced, transparent insights into people and processes. Thus at last putting PEOPLE first in the center of HR.

Thanks to his entrepreneurial activities and global vision, Ben has acquired in-depth knowledge of HR and its technological evolution. This hands-on expertise combined with a disruptive mindset, a constructive confrontational style and ability to challenge the status quo makes Ben Greeven an eye-opening speaker on the future of HR which appeals to all kinds of organizations and Career Owners.

Ben Greeven in short:
CEO/Founder of Thalento® – a global cloud provider of Talent & Workforce Optimization solutions;
Co-founder of HR Tech Valley, a non-profit community bringing together the entire Belgian HR ecosystem on the technological evolution of HR;
Founder of two HR Tech start-ups: Facelytix – the future of assessments combining AI and Machine Learning and Taleevo
a no-nonsens ATS (applicant tracking system);
HR Tech worshipper
Career Owner
Start Upper